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California Tax Preparers Must Pass Background Check and Fingerprint Scan (Live Scan Process)

July 1, 2021

The California Tax Education Council now requires all tax perparers to pass a background check and have their fingerprints scanned (among other requirements) in order to successfully complete their CTEC Registration. This has gone into effect starting July 2020. This process is called the Live Scans Process.

The background check is the second phase of California Assembly Bill 3143, also known as "The Tax Preparation Act." The Tax Preparation Act aims to increase the protection of taxpayers by adding new provisions and responsibilities for the council, as well as tax preparers registered with CTEC.

CTEC is also required by law to publicly list any disciplinary actions taken against a CRTP by the council, including misconduct that results in suspending or revoking a registration. All actions taken against a CRTP, including bond claims, are posted on the CTEC website.

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