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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you approved by CTEC to offer continuing or qualifying education courses?
Yes, California Tax Courses is approved by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) and the IRS for continuing (CE) and qualifying (QE) education. Our CTEC provider number is 6280 and our IRS Provider number is HPKCW. You can view our company listed on the CTEC website at https://www.ctec.org/ApprovedEducationProviders?nav=tax-professionals.

Are you approved by the IRS to offer continuing education?
California Tax Courses is an IRS Approved Education Provider. Our IRS Provider number is HPKCW. You can find our company and information listed on the IRS Website at https://www.ceprovider.us/public/default/listing
How do I take your course? Where do I login at?

All of our courses and exams are delivered online. Once you pay for the course, you will automatically receive an email with your login information (check your spam folder if you can’t find it). The course can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere you can connect to the internet. You can login at anytime 24/7 and take your course at your own pace. Your progress is automatically saved when you log out, or leave the website, so you can resume from where you left off.

Going somewhere for the weekend and want to work on the course while you’re gone. No problem! As long as you have internet access on your device, you can access your course!

Our online courses are all in Video format with a complimentary PDF that you can download and use to follow along or study with.

Course Login: https://learn.cataxcourses.com/login

How long will I have access to your courses?
You will always have full access to your CTEC tax course, even after you’ve completed it. This means you can retake your courses or go back for a refresher as many times as you’d like. You will also have access to your completion certificate at any time.
I'm interested in becoming a California Tax Preparer, which course should I enroll in?

If you want to prepare taxes for a fee or compensation in the state of California, you are first required to complete a CTEC 60 Hour Qualifying Education tax course. You will also need to complete a series of other steps for CTEC, in order to become a Registered Tax Preparer. Click >HERE< for more information.

What is the deadline to renew with CTEC? When do I need to enroll in and complete the CTEC 20 Hour Renewal Course?

The deadline to complete your CTEC Registration Renewal is October 31st. You must have your CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education tax course completed and CTEC fees paid by this date in order to complete your registration renewal. CRTP’s who fail to renew by the October 31st deadline may renew their registration during the late registration period, November 1st thru January 15th, with a late fee payable to CTEC. 2022 the late registration deadline had been extended to January 18th.

If a CRTP did not renew his/her registration by the late renewal of January 18, 2022, he/she will have to retake the 60-hour qualifying education course, complete a criminal background check, and register as a new CRTP.

The 2022/2023 renewal registration cycle for CTEC Registered Tax Preparers (CRTPs) starts August 1, 2022 and ends October 31, 2022.  CRTPs who fail to renew by the October 31, 2022 deadline are able to renew their registration during the late registration period, November 1, 2022 thru January 17, 2023 and pay a $55 late fee plus the $33 registration fee, a total of $88.

What is the deadline to complete the CTEC 60 Hour Qualifying Education course? How long will the course take?
There is NO deadline for the 60 hour QE Course. How long it take all depends on you. The course is self-paced.

When you are finished with the 60 hour qualifying education course, complete the remaining steps in the CTEC registration process (click >HERE< for more information). When these steps are done and you receive your certification, from CTEC, you are ready to begin!

You must complete 20 hours of continuing education and pay your renewal fees to CTEC every year in order to stay registered.
How long will it take your school to report my course completion hours to CTEC and the IRS?

California Tax Courses will report their students course completion to CTEC and/or the IRS typically within 1-3 hours, depending on the day and time you complete your course. If your course is completed on the weekend, it will be reported between 9am-1pm Monday morning.

We also stay up late on October 31st and the January late deadline, till midnight to make sure everyone who completes their course last minute has their hours reported before the Midnight deadline. Be sure to pay your fees owed to CTEC in order to complete your registration!

Do you offer refunds?

If you are not completely satisfied with our course, we will offer you a full refund within thirty (30) days of purchasing. No refunds given for group orders or to students who have completed more than one quiz or any final exams.

If you ordered the Online Course Physical Book Package, a full refund can only be given once the physical book has been returned to us. You are responsible for paying the return shipping. A tracking number must be emailed to help@CaTaxCourses.com for all returning books. All physical book returns can be shipped back to the following address:

Refunds will not be given to customers of the 20 hour continuing education course who missed the CTEC Renewal Deadline and are unable to renew.

Vervante Returns
400 N. Geneva Road STE C
Lindon, UT 84042

​If you are requesting a refund please call us at (888) 229-1994

Where is your school located?
Because of the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, California Tax Courses delivers its course content exclusively online. Our office is located in Los Angeles.

What are your hours of opertation?

California Tax Courses support team is available Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm PST.

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